A Bit About Me

My father started working with computers in 1968. My first hands on experience was in 1975 when I briefly helped test computerized learning calculators.

I’ve worked with computers ever since then. I love sorting and filtering and organizing large amounts of information, a task which computers are eminently suited for. I started working with databases on small computers as soon as I could afford one. My first PC had no hard drive, just a pair of 5 1/4" floppy drives.

I taught myself web coding in the early 90s and with a few years experience under my belt started my own web design company in 1999. Over the decades I have occasionally taken a real job in various facets of technology but I much prefer working for me.

When I wrote my first business book The Commonsense Entrepreneur in 2008, I studied marketing to learn how to sell the book. This forked into a study of psychology and neuroscience on one hand, and book marketing on the other. I taught my wife everything I knew about marketing, and with her existing administrative and technical background she has been primarily responsible for marketing my twenty books. She also provides book marketing services for nonfiction authors at Ausoma.

I like things that are beautiful and simple. I love language which is why I write books and songs. And I have started studying and practicing visual design to hone my sense of beauty and refine my ability to deliver it.

My wife is beautiful. She is not, however, simple. We live in the middle of the Sonoran Desert, in the far southeast Phoenix valley, with our daughter. At night we can see the stars and hear the coyotes.